Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “The Visitor” – Wow.

Star_Trek_DS9_logo.svgSo, I’ve really been enjoying NetFlix of late, since they now have ALL of the Star Trek Series’ available (save, perhaps, the animated series).

I like to keep episodes on while I am working on the computer, and admittedly I don’t watch all the episodes very closely.

Am I ever glad that I had just folded my ChromeBook in half for the evening when “The Visitor” (DS9 Season 4, Episode 2) came on.

It snuck up on me. I knew I was seeing some remarkable acting, but I was a little resistant to the story at first. It drew me in, I realize now. In the end, it was the acting AND the story that made the show impossible to resist.

Hmm, the most important thing I can say is…watch it. If you were only going to watch one DS9 episode, this certainly could be the one.

Deeply moving, ripe with subtle but important life realizations and so brilliantly acted. After watching Star Trek approximately 5000 times (conservative estimate), I can barely believe that was a Star Trek I was just watching.

It’s been a while since I watched DS9. I wasn’t expecting this. Wow.