Executive Life Coach

I work with individuals from around the world that are ready to fundamentally change their ways of being and living.  If you are stressed, hurting, unfulfilled, have personal or career problems, or are not reaching your potential, there is a high likelihood I can help you.

I founded the popular website, www.MyLifeCoach.com, and have been a full-time coach since 2002.  I have worked closely with hundreds of individuals that have completely transformed their lives.

As a coach, I focus completely on you, helping you elucidate what is important for you, understand how to make things work more smoothly, and take action steps that will create change.

The coaching process itself is simple:  Weekly or biweekly, highly focused conversations via telephone or Skype.

Coaching is one of those things that is better understood via experience rather than reading a description, so…How about a free session?  You will learn very quickly if coaching could have an awesome impact on your self and your life.